$5.00 USD

 For online publication only at epiphanyzine.com. We welcome submissions of short personal essays and meditations (3K words and less) about books of all kinds: poetry, fiction, and genre-agnostic; forthcoming novels and ancient texts; books you loved as a kid and books that challenge you as an adult. While we welcome traditional book reviews, we're particularly interested in essays that explore the act of reading itself: a specific reader's relationship with a specific text, for instance, and the way that relationship can evolve over time.  Essays will be given special consideration if they are about work by writers of color. 

1. Submit one piece at a time. 

2. Format in 12-pt font, double-spaced.  

3. 3000 words or less.

4.  Tell us if you're submitting simultaneously to other publications (and please withdraw promptly through Submittable should your work be accepted elsewhere). 

5. We only consider previously unpublished work. 

6. Please include your name, title, and word count on the first page of the submitted file. 

We pay $25 for "What We're Reading Now" essays that we publish online.

 **Discounted 1-year subscriptions ($20) are available upon submission, as an add-on item at the payment stage. 

During this submissions period, we are offering everyone who sends us work a free digital subscription to Epiphany. If you submit work to us, the code for a free digital subscription will be included in our initial response letter.

We aim to respond to submissions within three to four months, ideally much sooner. Please be patient: we give thoughtful and thorough consideration to each submission. We look forward to receiving your work!

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.