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$3.00 USD

 Please submit your photo or artwork to be considered for an Epiphany issue cover, or as art for inside the magazine.

The cover will be printed in full-color with the magazine’s logo in overprint, and will be reproduced on the magazine’s website and electronic publications.  

If your work is selected for use on our cover, we will ask you to grant us a one-time use of your image. You will also need to provide a high-resolution scan of the artwork (300 dpi), at the inch dimensions of our issue, for print-quality reproduction.  

You can submit up to three images at a time. In the cover letter, feel free to provide any information about your artwork that we should know. Low-res images are acceptable for submissions, as long as high-res images can be provided when necessary. Please also specify if you are submitting art intended for inside the magazine or for the cover.

During this submissions period, we are offering everyone who sends us work a free digital subscription to Epiphany. If you submit work to us, the code for a free digital subscription will be included in our initial response letter.   

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.